The Board-certified team of surgeons at the Colorectal Surgery Institute

are pioneers in their field who have developed innovative surgical techniques to address an array of colon and rectal diseases and conditions.


Meet Our Surgeons

At the Colorectal Surgery Institute patients can put their trust in expertise and experience of three highly respected colorectal surgeons, including internationally renowned Robert W. Beart, M.D. The team is board certified in colon and rectal surgery and has a collective 60 years of experience delivering care to those suffering from colorectal diseases and conditions.

Robert W. Beart, M.D.

Robert W. Beart, M.D. Medical Director of the Colorectal Surgery Institute


Petar Vukasin, M.D.


Ana Maria Garza, M.D.

Ana Maria Garza, M.D. Colorectal Surgery Institute


Carmen Ruiz, M.D.

Carmen Ruiz, M.D. Colorectal Surgery Institute


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